Saturday, April 17, 2010

A great start

Not much going on today. Exercised in the morning, went grocery shopping, and then I mostly cooked and cleaned our home.

Rode my bike to the gym this morning; spent 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. I wanted to jog/run, but my knees and heels were screaming from pain, so I just walked briskly.

Daily fitness stats:

Average heart rate: 130bpm (67% of THR);
Maximum heart rate: 142bpm (73% of THR); Distance: 1.89 miles;
Pace: 16:43 mile

Breakfast: 1 cup Kashi GoLean cereal with 1/2 cup 1% milk; small banana; water
Mid-morning snack
: 22 almonds
: 1 black bean burger, 1-oz slice part-skim mozzarella, 1 slice tomato, 1 bibb lettuce leaf, 1 Arnold thins whole wheat bun; 1 orange; 1 oz "Garden of Eatin'" baked blue tortilla chips; water Afternoon snack: 1 low-fat string cheese with 2 rye crispbreads
: 1 serving salmon & artichoke quasedilla (Clean Eating magazine recipe) with 1/4 cup low-sodium salsa; 1 cup chopped cantaloupe; silver needle green tea
Nutrition for the day: Calories: 1,549; Fat: 44g; Sat. fat: 7g; Carbs: 214g; Fiber: 45g; Sugar: 61g; Protein: 95g; Sodium: 1,728mg; Cholesterol: 74mg

Friday, April 16, 2010

Let's do it again!

I am just about to drop a bomb, so brace yourselves. (And please be gentle!)

In the past, I used to blog about my weight loss progress. I was down to 160 pounds at one point. Well, then my thyroid wreaced havoc on my system over the winter, and despite my continued diet and exercise, I gained over 20 pounds in one month. One month!! (I'll let you absorb that for a moment.)

As anyone with this condition can testify, once you see that all your efforts produce absolutely no results, you get depressed (another symptom of hypothyroiditism) and discouraged. And then you stop exercising as before and stop dilligently logging every calorie eaten. That is what happened to me, which then made things even worse.

Luckily, I went to the doctor and had my thyroid levels re-checked, and my medicine dosage was increased to make up for the measly amount of hormones my thyroid was producing. I am starting to have a lot more energy now, and am ready to take it on all over again.

It's time to get my calorie intake in check, and to increase my cardio activity (I never stopped doing my 2-3 strength training sessions per week.)

And then yesterday, I had lunch with Professor Under 200 and discovered that she has been blogging about her weight loss (check her out - she is hilarious). It inspired me to do it all again, and this time, I will watch out for those evil symptoms and will visit the doctor sooner rather than waiting and letting things get really bad.

My trainer challenged me to record my weight on Friday and then again on Monday, and make sure Monday weight is equal to or less than the Friday number. It will make me accountable over the weekend. (I have already canceled a dinner at my favorite pizza place with my bff Spomi tonight- so there!)

And here is the truth as of 10pm on this Friday night, April 16th, 2010 (reader discretion advised - this is not for those faint of heart):
Okay - so it's no secret that I've gained weight - keeping this a secret doesn't change the fact that I've gotten pretty chubby. But now that I know you all know it, I want to make that number smaller. So if you catch me binging, please do me a favor and scold me. I won't hold it against you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Progress update on my knitting

There hasn't been much going on, so I decided to update you on my knitting. I know you are dying to see it.
Here is "Cate" - I've started on the cables. Hoping to soon have a finished back.
I frogged the drop stitch scarf and instead decided to use this pretty yarn on a baby double-breasted coat. Love the colors. It's called "rainbow dust". (Evo pletem sebi džember i počela sam isto plesti malu jaknu za bebicu jedne prijateljice.)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I love Tuesday nights

I spend every Tuesday evening with my parents and my sisters. We typically have a delicious dinner, we laugh and talk, work on crafts, and watch "The Biggest Loser". I love my family.

My mom made a baby blanket and a little hat for my cousin Keno's daughter that is due in a month. It's just beautiful.
The cotton beige yarn is speckled with pink and green colors, and she crocheted the border in pink. She'll use the same pink for the hat and the booties.
Both items are very soft and perfect. We are all so excited about the new addition to our extended family.
The weather was absolutely perfect - warm with a nice cool breeze. I wish it was always like this. We made sure to take advantage of this beautiful day and spent it sitting outside. My sister Ami was doing homework. I think she needs glasses. Azra joined us later, as well.
My crazy hair and I were working on my Cate sweater, while my mom was finishing the hat. My dad was working on the garden.
Looking at this picture, I realized I really need to get back into shape and maybe hit a tanning booth.

And now, translation for my Bosnian relatives, who are faithfully following my blog...

(Prevod: Svaki utorak provedem kod mame i tate poslije posla. Jedemo večeru, pa onda sjedimo i pletemo i pričamo i šalimo se. Uvijek nam je fino skupa.

Mama je isplela dekicu i kapicu za Keninu kćerkicu koja se treba roditi za jednu mjesec dana. Jako su lijepo ispale. Mama će jos isplesti male čarapice da se slažu sa kapicom. Mi se jako radujemo ovoj bebi. Jedva čekamo da se rodi.

Vrijeme je danas bilo lijepo pa smo sjedili vani i pleli dok je tata radio u bašti. Amra je radila zadaću, a Azra nam se isto pridružila kasnije. Baš smo imali lijep dan.)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Maggie's 5th birthday

On Sunday afternoon we celebrated Maggie's birthday, who is turning 5. Maggie is my husband's niece. She is a clever and funny girl. (Slavili smo 5-ti rodjendan Jeffove sestre kcerke - Maggie.)
Jeff and I got her a Caboodle box and tons of little-girl makeup stuff. I think she liked it a lot. I definitely know she likes her aunt and uncle. (Evo ovdje otvara nas poklon. Kupili smo joj neku djeciju sminku. Ona voli svoga daju Jeffa i ujnu Enu.)
Here is her cake. Can't you tell she likes Disney princesses? (Ovo je njena torta. Ona voli princeze.)
And here is the back view of the castle. (Na drugoj strani torte je napisano sretan 5-ti rodjendan!)
Maggie, Mason, and Jeff's cousin's son Salvadore played with silly string. I had it all over me. Those kids are cruel. (Na ovoj slici su Maggie, njen stariji brat Mason, i od Jeffove tetkine cerke sin, Salvadore.)
What cuties! And it was such a beautiful day for a birthday party. Wishing you all the best, Maggie! You will always be our princess. (Bio je lijep dan. Fino smo se proveli.)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roller derby!

My sisters and I love Roller Derby. I've been a fan of Mid-Iowa Roller Girls for a while now (yes - before "Whip It!" came out). It's a fun cardio activity, so my sisters and I decided to hit the rink and roll a few rounds.
The rink was filled with kids. It was hard to do it without risking stomping over children right and left.
My sisters kicked ass. I am not doing too bad, either. I did, however, fall and score a huge bruise on my knee in the driveway. I am proud of that bruise.
It's definitely a fun way to exercise and spend time with your sisters. We are going to do this again this summer. Maybe one day we can join a Derby team. ;)