Saturday, July 11, 2009

Workin' and cookin'

Not much happened this last week. I spent my days working , then going home and preparing dinner. Here is what I made.
Monday: Broccoli-rice bake (yummy - will make again)Tuesday: Sweet potato, apple and leek gratin (sounds nice in theory, but didn't live up to its name)
Wednesday: Artichoke-rosemary bruschetta (yum!)
Thursday: Beer and cheese soup (once again - it sounds good, but tastes bitter)
Friday: Asian rice and lentil burgers (delicious!)
This week also marks my girl B's birthday. We went out to celebrate for lunch on Thursday. Happy birthday, B!!We went to the same place where we went for my birthday, and I had the most delicious veggie burrito. I ate the whole entire thing, including the decorative lettuce.

Also, on Wednesday, I went shopping with my sisters and spent money at Sephora and Teavana. Also got to see my parents, who sent me home with a tomato plant and green tea.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy birthday, Dad!

Yesterday we celebrated my dad's birthday. We went out to eat. I got him a book on old-time vinegar, garlic, baking soda, and 101 more problem solvers. My dad and I are very much into health and natural solutions. We always share tips on these things.
Below is a picture of my hubby, my sisters M and Z, and my pale self.
And here is the other side of the table, with mom and dad. Now you can see where I got my non-photogenic genes from.
I had Cajun Tilapia with broccoli. It was okay - a bit overcooked. But at least it was healthy.
We also shared a dessert. Below is a picture of my dad with his dessert shooter.
Happy birthday, dad! Wishing you health, happiness and wealth. Love you tons!!

We haven't changed a bit over all these years. We look the same, no? :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Food and great company

Since my parents went camping, my sisters spent the 4th of July weekend with me. This involved food (Italian "veggie burger" bake, rolled blackberry cake, three cheese ravioli) and movies (the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Time of the Gypsies). We didn't even watch fireworks. Cooking with my sisters is tons of fun. Below is our main dish, the Italian "Veggie Burger" Bake from the cookbook.
We had a fun dinner. My husband is very classy, as usual.
It was surprisingly delicious. It consisted of calamata olives, orzo, hummus, veggies, and black bean burgers.
Then my sister M made this fluffy, gorgeous blackberry roll.
It was a delicious dream of a dessert.