Monday, March 21, 2011

Scissors, hammer, and knitting needles

I cut my bangs. I was getting annoyed with the way my front hair didn't know where to go. Parting it just looks awful, and my face is wide enough that I couldn't have a side sweep without covering my eyes. So I grabbed some scissors, and did it myself. I have to say, I'm rather pleased with the result.
New hairdo
In other news, I scored another print at Target. This one is of a moped (something I'd like to own one day).
Added to the random wall
I'm working on a lot of knitting projects. I won't reveal what they are, but thought I'd give you some clues.
Soft ruffles
I got a feeling/somebody's watching me
Waterlily blocks
Projects will be revealed soon. Hope I piqued your interest a little. That should motivate me to finish them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Girls' night out

Saturday night Spomi and I grabbed some wine and desserts and headed over to Belma's fab apartment where she awaited us with yummy Centro pizza. We ate and drank and laughed.
Wine bottle to person ratio was rather high
Then we watched movies and talked late into night. It was very cozy.
Maybe a little too cozy. That Spomi - I can't take her anywhere nice.