Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas

This year we hosted the holidays at our house. It was a lot of work (and stress-induced panic attacks), but the end-result was wonderfully cozy and unforgettable. Here are a few shots from the two days.
Yup - I did all of this
Moja familija
This would have been such a beautiful portrait, but I ruined it with my big pumpkin head (and some stray hairs)
Niece Maggie was Santa's little helper

Tricky humans

I knew they were up to no good. Mommy used her happy sing-songey voice. Daddy was extra encouraging. Most of the time I have to put up a whole dog and pony show (minus the pony) to get this much attention.

There is a reason they wanted me to follow them into the human potty room. My tail wagged and I squealed and whimpered with both happiness and anxiety. I'd leap happily forward and then retreat hesitantly back, thinking "I don't know about this."

And then mommy filled the human-sized bowl with water. I came close to check out this huge water bowl when daddy threw in my bestest toy into it. I always fall for that one. Hello! I am a retriever.

I tried to reach it with my paw and my mouth, but it was floating away. I had to put a paw in, then the other, until half of me was inside. Then I slipped a little and ended up entirely wet! I was in the middle of the big water bowl!

Then mommy and daddy put some nice smelling soapy stuff. They were rubbing and scratching me and I really like that, even though I get nervous around water.  I don't really trust it.
Then daddy took some pictures, and they laughed. I am not sure what was so funny.
After the bath, there was more rubbing in the towels, followed by some brushing. It felt really nice to get all that attention, even though I felt tricked. I smell like flowers and bees, but my preference of scent is usually daddy's used socks or rotten food. Oh well... this too shall pass. And next time I will know better.

Oh look - daddy threw my toy into the basement! I gotta go check this out.