Thursday, December 10, 2009

1,785,085th reason why I love my mom

My mom crochet this beautiful window curtain for me. I picked the pattern, and together we picked this beautiful bamboo-blend, soft, green thread. It looks so good!
Love it! Love it! Love it! The pretty color, the feel of it, the mod pattern...
THANK YOU, MOM!! You are the best!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow puppy

We are snowed in! Our street has not been plowed, and the snow is up to my knees. So we spent the entire day at home, just like our puppy does all of the time.
My trusty old friend got to experience snow for himself.
He got rambunctious out there. The snow was tall even for a big doggy.
When we first let him out, it took him some time to marvel at the sight.
We love our sweet crazy old boy.
His most favorite thing in the world are hubby's dirty socks.
He figured out a way to open the hamper with his nose so he could get to the smelly goodness.
On this occasion, he managed to get out quite a few socks.
Here he is, in his puppy bliss. With all those dirty socks.
Other than socks, he loves to just lounge around. But most of all, he likes to be where we are.
What a silly pooch. This golden definitely makes our lives brighter.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tree decorating 2009

Hubby and I decided to decorate our tree for the season, and then follow it up with a nostalgic Christmas photo shoot. I hope you can detect the parody in these.
We are just way into that tree.
Hubby really likes this one.
If we were to send out Christmas cards, this would probably be it. Puppy was unusually cooperative on this one.
He was willing to pose with me - what a doll!

Love is... making Burek

Love is when your vegetarian wife learns how to make a traditional Bosnian dish (Burek) that is simply a meat pastry.
My super-mom taught me how to make this delicacy for my hubby last Tuesday. The meat is ground beef mixed with onions and garlic and spices, and then strewn upon layer after layer of thin pastry leaves (which my mom typically makes from scratch - a daunting task for me). There are also brush strokes of butter involved to keep the leaves from sticking to each other.
I couldn't tell you what it tastes like because I don't eat meat, but seeing the satisfaction on my hubby's face when he is stuffing his mouth with it tells me it's really, really good.

Also, I want to thank my amazing mom for all her wisdom and skill. I don't think I will ever be half as good as her when it comes to a lot of things.