Saturday, November 28, 2009

Disney on ice with the niece

My mother-in-law invited me to go see Disney on ice on Friday with her and my hubby's niece. I've never seen anything like this, so it was quite a treat.
All the little girls were captivated. Myself included.
The seven dwarfs...
Cinderella's pumpkin carriage...
The ball...
The castle...
The entire production was very well done, and the skaters were amazing. My inner little girl was gleeful.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready to go see hubby's family for Thanksgiving. My contribution to the feast: pumpkin pie, mozzarella/tomato/basil roll ups, and sweet potato/banana casserole (with pecans and honey). Yumm!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Catching up

People have been angry at me for not updating my blog. My sincerest apologies. I was quite busy and had lots of things going on. But here is the past week in review.

Thursday: Bingo-licious fundraiser for Planned Parenthood

My friends A, D, S and I met at a local gay bar where Planned Parenthood was holding a Bingo fundraiser. It was pure entertainment. A was the A/V guy for the event, and S was volunteering at the door (hence the pink boa).

There were scantily clad attractive men serving Jello shots. It was an eye-full.
My friend A won some fitness classes that he gave to me. I was tied with someone else to win a weekend package for Branson, but the other person was drawn for the prize. Grrr!
The drag queens were absolutely hilarious. They were just plain delightful.

Friday: Protecting women's health and then watching New Moon

I joined my friend S in her activist efforts to make women's reproductive health inclusive in the health bill. There was a group of us at the federal building, and we had lots of support from passersbys.
Then the girls in my office decided to call it an early day and we all went to see the New Moon. I was in awe of Tayler Lautner's beauty. That kid is gorgeous! What a hunk.

Saturday: Indian food and fun with friends

Friends and I met at a local Indian restaurant for some yummy food. My sisters were there, as were S, M, D, hubby, AR, MT, I, AD, N. Funn!
The night was chill and fun. It was good to reconnect with good people.
We hung out at Royal Mile, a favorite dive of ours.
Sunday: A visit from the St girls

Meet Bella. She is a tomboy and a little bundle of energy. She and my doggy had a great time playing together.
And here is Paisley. She is a smiley, quiet little girl. I could not put this child down. What a sweetie. Here, I bundled her up for her nap.
As I mentioned, I could not put this baby down. She was a joy to hold (and behold).
Then we attempted to do a group photo. But Bella wasn't having it. She kept running away.
Finally, something caught her attention so I could steal a moment.
I can't wait till we are done with school so hubby and I can have babies of our own. :D

Weigh-in Week 8

My mismatched socks say it best: Champion! Down 1.4 lbs. from last week.
Now my sister, mom and I are competing to see who will reach 150lbs first. I have the most to lose, so I will have to work extra hard. Keep your fingers crossed for me!