Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fitness tips

Here is an article I thought was worth sharing. I always need a little boost like this to keep me going.

Monday, July 27, 2009

My new toys!

I finally got a laptop which came with a free iPod Touch. My old one was falling apart.
I've been exploring it all night. It is so cool! I am one happy girl.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy birthday, mom!

Today is my mama's birthday. We had dinner at Red Rossa's - a favorite pizza place. Mom and I are not very photogenic. :(Pizza was delicious. Veggies!
Here we all are, stuffing our faces (with the exception of my hubby, who is not much of an eater).
Don't we look so alike? :) We have the same set of parents, I swear.
They went shopping beforehand and got me lavender soap (I love French milled soaps, and lavender is my signature scent, according to family).
Happy birthday, mama! Hope you enjoyed your day. Wishing you health and happiness forever. I am so proud of you and I love you tons!

The loot from the trip

I didn't spend too much money on the shopping trip. But I am excited about the things I did get:
1) Fun, bright pillow covers from Ikea
2) Cheap frames and wall art from Ikea. Now I just got to figure out where to hang them.
3) A super-cute, super-bright compost bin for my kitchen (the trash bag peeking out is biodegradable - made from corn).
4) A recycling bin that has an opening flap. It is replacing my ugly open green bin. 5) Cute, folksy bedding for our bedroom.
6) A $3 scarf from American Eagle (thank you, mom!)7) Presents for my hubby - a fish theme. Swedish fish from Ikea that he likes, and lures from Cabellas. Awesome loot. Arrrrg!

Family trip to Ikea/Mall of America

Saturday morning, we woke up at 5am and drove to Minneapolis for a visit to Ikea and the Mall of America. What a giant monstrosity of a mall...
First, we shopped at Ikea (I love that store), and then we had lunch at their cafeteria.
There is my lunch. Salmon and a few leaves of lettuce.
When we hit the mall, we made sure to get some crepes for dessert. They were fatally good. I want more.
Mom and dad, as we are waiting for my sisters to get out of the stores. Here we were waiting for sister M's appointment for a haircut. It was a long-needed haircut. We were willing to wait. The aforementioned haircut turned out super-cute (far right). Now I need a make-over, as well. We didn't get home till 10pm. I was ready for some sleep. We hit some wind power turbines on our way back home. Pretty.