Monday, March 7, 2011

Public radio stars

I have old person proclivities, such as knitting and listening to NPR. Well, tonight I got to see some of these public radio "celebrities" in person at Hoyt Sherman Place. Mo Rocca (NPR contributer, television personality, humorist), PJ O’Rourke (author, NPR contributer, satirist) and Peter Sagal (“Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” host) chatted about current events and Iowa. 
I love public radio nerds      

 Mo Rocca did a one-handed cartwheel.
And then he also sang to us.
In May, I'm looking forward to another radio celebrity - Ira Glass from This American Life. I hope it's just as entertaining.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy 26th birthday, Desiree!

Saturday was Desiree's birthday. Jeff and I went to the restaurant where she works, and were joined by Spomi, as well.
Spomi and I waiting for our waitress, Desiree
We made Jeff feed the birthday girl
"She licked my finger!"
It was a fun dinner. Wish I got to see Desiree more often. But she works a lot and goes to school. But I am glad to see my chicka on her birthday.