Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy birthday, mom!

My sisters and I bought our mom a plant for her office on her birthday. We just adore her and we know she loves plants. But when they delivered it, we found out it was not a plant - it was a tree. Look at that huge thing! It takes up half of my mom's cube.
I think mom liked it, even though she was yelling at us for spending money (which is so typical for our mom).  And after work, we had dinner together at Red Rossa's to celebrate.
My parents are too cute. Love you both! And wishing you many many many healthy and happy years together.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Productive weekend

Oh, what a busy weekend. On Saturday, I spent some quality time with my family. We first visited the Farmer's Market...
...and then visited a Berry Patch farm where we picked our own blueberries and raspberries. The weather was absolutely perfect.
This was such a fun activity for our family. We had such a great time.
Afterward, my hubby and I visited our next-door neighbors where we were invited to their son Jonathan's 1st birthday party.
 We are really lucky to have such nice neighbors. I am just a bit bummed that they have a for sale sign in their front yard. They are moving out of state as soon as they sell the house. :(
As for our house, hubby and I decided to paint our bedroom on Sunday from a nauseating peach-pink... a serene vintage blue.
The light doesn't do the color justice, but you get the idea. And now I am exhausted and not really ready for a workday Monday. Oh well...