Saturday, July 21, 2012


Mr. Jackers has started eating pureed fruit. He definitely has his favorites (pears). But if the fruit is even a tiny bit tangy, baby boy will initially get over-dramatic in his disdain.
Waaa... sweet potato is way too sour!
But once it settles in his mouth, he usually approves and continues to eat.
Hmm... I suppose it's not that bad.
As for mom and dad, we decided to cook more at home. Obtaining over-processed fast food had gotten way too easy and cheap, so we got to make a concerted effort in planning and preparing our meals ahead. Tonight we made coconut curried lamb (for him)/chicken (for me). It was served on lime/lemongrass rice and a side of minty-fresh raita (cucumber salad). It was super-delicious.
The rest of the meals for the week have been planned out and I spent 2 hours at the grocery store trying to find some obscure ingredients. I decided to follow a meal plan in the Clean Eating magazine, which always introduces me to some new foods (bok choy? haddock?).  We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping for baby

I was feeling a little stir-crazy on Saturday morning, so I packed my babe and we headed to the mall. He was so good and patient the entire time. I think he enjoyed all the stimuli.
Strollin' at the mall
Younkers had a yellow dot sale (70% off retail price), so I found some cute summer outfits for Jack - under $5 each!
Hungry baby showing off his finds
Saturday was also Bastille's Day, so my Francophile sisters brought over some yummy pastries from the local French style bakery. They helped me clean up a little and played with Jack. We listened to some old school hip hop and watched parts of a Alfonso CuarĂ³n movie before they left for a birthday party.

Overall, a fun day. Sunday was a little more low key. Not looking forward to going back to work. Weekends just aren't long enough. :(