Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting close

As the due date is approaching, I am becoming more anxious about getting everything ready. We've made quite a progress so far:
  • Reserved a spot for baby boy in the child development center of our choice
  • Selected and interviewed a pediatrician for baby boy
  • Submitted registration papers for the birthing hospital
  • Unpacked, assembled and put away all the wonderful baby shower presents
  • Bought everything else we still needed for baby
  • Gave notice for my last day of work at my part-time job (February 18th!)
  • Wrote and sent out many, many thank you notes...
So much gratitude
I also managed to quickly knit a super-soft newborn hat for the little guy to match his cardigan.
Soft, warm little hat for my baby
Matching cardigan
Things we are still in the process of doing or need to do:
  • My wonderful mama is in the processing of washing and ironing all the baby's newborn and 0-3 months clothes (hvala mama!)
  • Hubby is working hard on getting the bathroom done
  • Apply for FMLA 
  • Make sure all my work is smoothly transitioned to coworkers (write instructions and train back up resources)
  • Hubby and I have a couple of more prenatal classes to attend
  • Start packing the hospital bag
  • Install the baby car seat and have it inspected at a local inspection station
  • Clean up the house from top to bottom
  • More...