Sunday, September 12, 2010

Renaissance Faire

This morning I visited my parents. The were working around the house and in their lovely garden.
Mom and dad, in their domain
Coffee and knitting
Eggplants from the garden - yum!
In the afternoon, my sisters, my bff and I attended the Renaissance Faire. Here are some shots and videos from that little field trip.
Spomi and the snake
Ha ha
Queen Victoria's Secret
King and the Queen
Uh-oh... watch out, S!
Pretty lake
My sisters, fencing. Very reminiscent of the movie "The Parent Trap".

My sisters dancing.
These two are gifted.

Late summer walks; Bella & Paisley visit

Wallace and I have been walking on the long, winding bike trail near our house every day now. Saturday was especially nice.
What's behind that corner?
Yes - that's my big shape
Blue skies, green trees, light breeze - I love this season!
And then there were these bright flowers...
...many of them, cheering us on
In the afternoon, I had company. My friend Ariel (who is expecting her third daughter Milla any day now), brought over Bella and Paisley to play.
Pretty visitors
Bella - the first-born, putting stickers all over her shirt
She is a huge Sponge Bob fan
Hungry baby Paisley
Such a happy babe