Saturday, April 19, 2014

I've finally got bathrooms in my house!!

I've been waiting so long to do this post. Three years, to be exact. We've known that the subfloors under both our bathrooms were rotting, so we had to start gutting and even were without bathrooms for a long time. It was embarrassing to have people over because of this. So we finally bit the bullet and got an awesome contractor to help us. Below are pictures of my two new favorite rooms in the house.
Looking into the master bathroom
I picked all the tiles to make sure they matched existing ones. Love them!
Contractor suggested a detail - glass tiles going down like water.
Custom shelves also have the glass edging
Got a new door, too. This view is from inside the shower.
Awesome custom shelves.
Tall shower head, tiled shower ceiling
Brushed nickel edging, kick-ass shower door
Towel hook
I'm in love
One more for the road

The new hallway bathroom
Reminds me of a Turkish bath
Put our old cool vanity back

Floor to wall tile
I'm so excited and happy with these bathrooms. They are my two favorite new rooms right now. I got bathrooms y'all!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Made these babies for a friend. Basically, you buy tulle, cut it into 2-inch strips, tie ends together, and then knit them. I used garter stitch for most texture. And then I sewed the ends together to make them sturdier and easier to handle.
Knitting with tulle is rough - literally. My fingers never got this much exfoliation. But there is a reason I'm willing to go through this torture - these scrubbies are amazing for dishes (especially high maintenance pots and pans). They also do not stink after longer use like sponges tend to.

I will be making more of these for other friends and even for myself. I still have one I made a while ago - still works wonderfully. But the endless color possibilities make these a quick and fun job that instantly brightens your kitchen.