Friday, August 14, 2009


My husband received some not-so-fresh Panera bread at work and brought it home. Our dog loves bread more than anything else in the world. Watch him as he is in puppy-heaven. (I know, this is probably bad dog-parenting.)

He did not finish the bread. He got his fill, though. Hopefully he won't try to steal our bread from the counters anymore.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gardening variety

First of all, just a quick note that I have changed the comments settings so that anyone can comment, regardless of whether you have a blogger account (mom, dad, sisters). Also, to girls from work - now you'll be able to leave a comment on my page at work. ;)

Here is a progress update on my garden/backyard flowers. Here are some potted wildflowers...
...and pretty perannials in the middle of my backyard probably planted by Jeff's grandparents.
My hot white peppers. Spicy!
...and heirloom tomatoes
...and delicious-smelling yellow bell peppers...
...and also some Italian brandywine tomatoes.
Growing things is fun!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shopping for pants

Sister Z, my cousin B, my bff S and I went to the mega-mall on Saturday to shop for some pants. We stopped in the accessories department and had some fun with their stuff.
Z and B, looking classy.
Cousin B, looking cool.
S's hat and scarves shop. Come in for a great deal. (The patches on her shirt so strategically placed are actually ears of a panda. I swear.)
Z emulating our least favorite type of person: The retail store customer. (We all work/worked in retail for a long time.)
The entire crew, all decked out. Love the stuff on my cousin.
S really loved that purple hat. I actually scored those sunglasses. My sweet sister Z bought them for me.

I also found the perfect pants at the Gap. Only they are a bit baggier than the jeans portrayed below. But it's the same style.