Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Mom, get out of the kitchen!"

Another Tuesday spent with family. My sisters and I cooked dinner - something really yummy from the Clean Eating magazine.
We split up the tasks and it usually goes pretty quick. It ended up being delicious (and healthy)!
While we were cooking, our dad was toasting bread and taking pictures. We made our mom stay away from the kitchen, so she knitted. She finished a little hat and a pair of booties for our cousin. This stuff is beyond cute.
(U utorak smo se opet skupili kao familija. Ja i cure smo pravile veceru, tata nas je slikao, a mama je plela kapicu i carapice za Keninu bebicu. Bilo nam je bas lijepo.)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Laundry, closets and Italiano

I spent most of the day doing laundry and then organizing our closets. There were plenty of clothes that ended up in a container in the basement (hello, Goodwill!) and then there were some new discoveries, as well ("when did I buy this?"). There is nothing like clean, organized, and uncluttered closets. I also organized hubby's side (bleh). You can't see it on this pic, but I divided his "everyday clothes" from the "lawyer clothes" and found out that he has over 15 pairs of slacks and an assortment of ties that would impress any well-dressed businessman. My hubby either dresses really well, or he dresses like a lumberjack (check out those plaid shirts).
I also had a nightmare last night that the date of my Italy trip crept up before I was ready. I spent the entire night frantically packing and looking for stuff I'd need (in my dream, of course). So to put my mind at ease, I studied some Italian and went over my itinerary the next morning. Ho intenzione di essere preparati!
I am still watching my calories and exercising. Yesterday I went to the gym and did some jogging for half an hour. It completely wiped me out. I've had a sour stomach all day, so I didn't do any more, but I am still very happy with the work I put in this weekend. I weighed myself in just to make sure my Monday weight < or = Friday weight, and lo and behold, I lost 2 whole pounds! I will do an official weigh-in next Friday.