Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boon & Moebius

Lately I've been taking a minimalist approach to life and trying to simplify. While it would be counter-intuitive to make another purchase,  I believe in acquiring one well-designed, quality item that I love and plan on keeping forever. So on black Friday hubby found this Boon Flair highchair I've been coveting for a ridiculously good price. The sale, paired with a promo code and my credit card points made it difficult to pass up. We got it - it is lovely, practical, and even Jackers appears to like it. He does not try to wiggle out of it. This morning, he was happy to smile for mama when he saw me reach for the camera.
Hamming it up
Bubba must have gone through a growth spurt recently. His 12-month size clothes are getting snug. He won't even get to wear some of them more than a handful of times.
12 mo Star Wars tee getting snug
Mama's big cheese
His fast growth is making me anxious. I am still knitting a sweater for him that is 12-months, and I am afraid by the time I finish it, he'll outgrow it. Oh well, I can always frog it and make it bigger. :)
Speaking of knitting, I've been craving a instant gratification knit, so last night I whipped up a quick chunky cowl. Turned out great. Love the yarn. Even got to wear it today at work to match my purple cardigan and lavender shirt.
Moebius chunky cowl