Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary, honey!

I've spent more than a third of my existence with the love of my life. Our first date was on February 5th, 2002. I was 18, he was 17 (a month shy of his 18th birthday). We went to the Des Moines Art Center. I know it sounds cliche and unlikely, but I do remember thinking "this is the one". Granted, it might have been the infatuation talking, but it turned out to be right.

We married 5 years later on February 5th, 2007 at the courthouse (no wedding - just us and parents/siblings), followed by a dinner at Biaggi's (we rented their wine room, where this photo was taken). That is 10 wonderful years together. Nothing but love, support, and companionship.  And at this 5/10-year anniversary, we are expecting our first child.

I'm so grateful to have this good man by my side. He is the strong, quiet, but nurturing type - sometimes I think he comes from a different time, a different era. He is definitely one of a kind, and I'm lucky to have him.

Happy anniversary, darling! I love you!