Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cleaning ALL the things!

This weekend I've been obsessively cleaning my house. Not sure if it's nesting or spring cleaning or both, but it's been long overdue. I didn't cover more than the living and the dining room, but I cleaned every corner and crevice in detail. There isn't a speck of dust or dog hair anywhere. It won't last impeccable for very long, but we'll try our best to maintain the bliss. In addition to cleaning, hubby and I replaced an old lighting fixture in the dining room.
The old 70s fixture had a cool design, but the gold plating has started chipping off at the bottom. We might spray it chrome and replace the light bulb covers one day, but for now, we were just ready for something more contemporary.
The new one was on sale at Menards and is more befitting our light, minimalist style. It also emits a lot more light than the old fixture, which is something we needed in this area of the house.