Friday, June 17, 2011

Oregon - Day 4

Words cannot capture the beauty that is the Oregon coast. This is a place of balance, where you will find prehistoric forests, crisp and clean streams that lead you to gorgeous rocky and sandy beaches. This place has it all. This is all topped with charming coastal towns with very kind people. We are definitely leaving a piece of our hearts here.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oregon - Day 3

We arrived in Portland last night and checked into our funky hipster hotel. We had dinner and drinks at the Fir Lounge, and then took a walk to the Burnside bridge to look at the city lights.

The next day, we explored Portland (Old Town). This rainy city has quite a few charms. My favorite find is a wonderful little yarn shop. I bought some luscious yarn there and received a 15% discount because it's my birthday! Another one is the Powell's book store. The selection there seemed to be endless. One could get seriously lost there. The rumor is true - the dream of the 90s is alive in Portland.

The beautiful yarn shop "Knit Purl"
Once we had our fill of the city, we headed west toward the coast. The landscape reminded me of Bosnia. We took a break in the Tillamook Forest. This was Jeff's most favorite place in Oregon. It was so incredibly lovely.
Cool houses outside of the city

Further west, we finally reached the sleepy fishing village that just instantly won us over. It's is so quiet and relaxing here. We had lunch in the Pirate's Cove and then did some exploring before retreating to our lovely hotel where we took some much-needed rest.
Estuary - where the river meets the sea
My house with the ocean view
The Pirate Cove

Tomorrow we are going to further explore the area. Stay tuned.