Thursday, May 13, 2010

A day in the life of an MBA student... - UPDATED

  1. Review for the quiz on Friday. Read the study guide 10 times if needed - I want to finish with a bang. - Not quite there yet. Reviewed it once. Hope I get a chance to read through it a few more times tomorrow during my lunch break.
  2. Read the three assigned articles for the class on Friday and take notes on key lessons. - Read one of the articles. Two more to go.
  3. Complete in-class team peer evaluations, plus a self-evaluation. - Done! Ready to be turned in.
  4. Meet my team mates to review our final team project. Help with editing and finalizing. - Done! Reviewed and edited the paper. Wrote the introduction and added the cover page. Sent out to team.
  5. Import audiobook (a textbook for my class in Italy) into my iTunes. I am not going to spend my time in Italy with my nose in the book. Instead, I will explore the scenery while listenting to the textbook on leadership. - Imported 6 out of 10 discs. May or may not finish tonight.

I think this is good for now. I will update on my progress later in the evening. - So I didn't quite make it. But hopefully I can complete the rest of it tomorrow. Not bad...

(What? You wanted to know what's going on in my life. Well, here it is.)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I surprised my mom in the morning, bringing her a big bouquet of flowers.
Of course we had to take a group mother/daughters photo. My cousin Budo was there too, so we all had a hearty breakfast, some laughs, and then we even got to Skype with family in Switzerland.
Then I drove over to my mother-in-laws, and at first she didn't open the door, so I was going to leave the flowers and the card on her porch. I just LOVE the color of these flowers.
But then she got to the door and so I spent some time with her. Here she is talking to Jeff on the phone.
And here is Izzie, my mother-in-law's cute little doggy.
And now, back to homework...

This past week

Monday - Homework galore.
Tuesday - Spent time with my family. It's a typical Tuesday night - family dinner, watching TV and doing crafty stuff.
I had a blast knitting on my dad's fisherman rocking chair. I am very fidgety by nature.Wednesday - Met with my team to work on our class project. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we naturally met at a Mexican restaurant, where we had good food and margaritas while going over our work.
Emily, Lisa, and Ann are super-gals.
Thursday - Came home and started reading a book for class. Fell asleep.
Friday - Had class, came home and crashed.
Saturday - Had class, came home and crashed.
Between the new job, class work, family and house work, I've been exhausted. I am really hoping that things turn around here soon. I don't like feeling pooped all the time.