Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Camp ground fish dinner

Yesterday at my parents' house, my mom made fish (that my dad caught) on a campsite skillet.
It tastes absolutely yummy!
My mom is a pro. Although I think she burned an eyebrow in the process. :)

The purpose of golden retrievers

This is what my doggy does. He ignores a toy until the said toy finds its way under the couch. At that point, it becomes my dog's mission in life to retrieve THAT toy.

He would spend hours doing this if we didn't have mercy on him. But I guess that's why they call them Retrievers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Husbands can be so sweet

I came home from work today, only to find a clean and organized house, laundry done, and a delicious dinner waiting for me. I love my hubby. He is so kind and thoughtful. What a man!
We ate out on our deck, where I had a nice view of my luscious lettuce.
It was quite a view. I love dinners out on our deck.
And of course, while we were eating, this big fella was begging for food.
(Kad sam danas došla kuci sa posla, dočekala me večera i čista kuća. Moj dragi je sve pripremio za mene. Baš sam našla sebi divnog supruga. Dok smo večerali, gledali smo našu baštu, u kojoj je opet nikla majkina salata. A ćuko je nas gledao i molio za koji zalogaj.)