Saturday, May 19, 2012

IKEA loot

We made a trip to Ikea on Friday. It was baby's first longish trip out of town... er, out of state, even! He did really well. Traveling with baby is tough, but it's possible.
The only things we ended up buying is some new bedding and a cool mod-style lamp. I really wish there was an IKEA closer to town. Love their stuff!
Not-so-eager baby model


I really enjoy "wearing" my baby in a wrap. This only works when the babe is sleepy though. This little guy likes to flail his arms and kick his legs when he is awake, so he is not so keen on being constrained.
Ninja mama with her hidden secret weapon

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dinner with a famous hobo

If you are local, you've probably caught him on the news. Or saw him on the local morning show (appears at 2:23). He is a hobo visiting 50 states in 50 weeks starting with only $50 in his pocket. You can track him on his website, During his visit to Iowa, he stayed with my friends S, A, and D. We had dinner together and listened to stories of his adventures.
Jack meets Emmett, the hobo
D holding my funny boy
After a while, he got fussy, but auntie S calmed him
A does not hold babies. He wants to put them in the dryer.
Yummy dinner.
HD camera a hobo uses for his documentary
Hobos are high tech these days
It was cool to meet Emmett. He is a nice dude with an interesting life. It'll be fun to see where all this leads him to.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to the mall

On Tuesday my sisters and I went to the mall, baby in tow. We stopped by a quaint little boutique where my generous sisters bought some cute, cute stuff for the baby boy.
Kicky Pants onesie & romper, Mudpie swimming trunks
His aunties love him!
Baby booh was in a good mood and let us have fun with him.

And while he doesn't mind having his clothes changed and having his mama take a billion pictures of him, he is most happy dressed down to his diapers and in the arms of his mommy and daddy.

Mama is crazy
Unwinding with daddy

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adventures with baby

I am really trying to get the most out of my last weeks of maternity leave. I'm going to miss spending entire days with my little boy.
We've been having loads of fun with dressing up...
...reading books and singing songs
...taking our stroller out in the beautiful weather for long, long walks in the nature
...having new adventures, like swinging on the playground for the first time

These are the best days of my life, and I'm cherishing every moment.

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

It is still difficult to fathom that I'm a mother. In the hospital, when they referred to me as Jack's mom, it would take a moment to register that they are talking about me. So I was half-surprised when I found this Sunday morning before my early hour pumping session.
A framed photo, flowers, chocolate & cards
Sweet cards from hubby and Jack, plus a gift hidden in one of them
I adore my husband - "baby totally wrote it - look at the misspellings!"
This brought tears to my eyes. I'm sooooo lucky!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This weekend

I love May. It smells of summer, but it's not quite yet hot and unbearable. Of course, we are taking advantage of the weather and going outside whenever we can. On Thursday, we had dinner with aunt S.

 And after dinner, we went for an evening stroll around sculpture park.

On Friday we visited husband's grandparents. On Saturday, Jack and I met my parents and sisters at the Asian Festival.
 It was a gorgeous day!
My sisters and I participated in setting a world record (most fortune cookies eaten at the same time in one place, or something like that.)
In the evening, we went to my parents' house to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom. Baby boy was fussy, so we tried out the Johnny Jump Up my parents bought for him. He is still too little for it, but I can tell he is going to love this thing.
 His little feet are barely yet reaching the floor. :)