Thursday, May 10, 2012

Garden 2012

It's been a few years since we had a garden. Our little cedar box was filled with weeds. Underneath all that was nice black loam, ready for gardening.
One of the reasons I gave up on the garden was because we had critters eating all our plants. After all the hard work, I would find destroyed stalks and torn up leaves. It was frustrating enough for me to abandon it. But then my dad showed me his garden and my desire to eat veggies still warm from the sun awoke again.
After a trip to Menard's, we weeded the box and then put up four 3 foot posts around it, onto which we then attached the vinyl mesh fence. It looked like it would work, so we returned to the store to buy more of the fence material.
Now all we need are plants. My dad promised he would bring us some plants from his garden. Looking forward to growing our own herbs and veggies this summer.
Our new boss
In other news, baby boy turned 2 months. We are so proud of him and are utterly in love with him. Maybe next year he can help with the garden.