Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wine, metal & silver

The month of May happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. The gloomy surroundings turn green, and the weather is relatively mild. People start to come outside after spending a long winter caved in their homes. Unfortunately, it is already middle of the month, and I feel I haven't really stopped to smell the proverbial roses. Work has kept me extremely busy lately, and then weekends tend to be action-filled. This one has been no different, and I enjoyed every moment of it.
My cosmic sister Jenny
On Thursday I got to enjoy some girl time with my friend Jenny. She is my cosmic sister - every time we interact, we discover some similarities. We used to work together, but now she is in another part of the company so I don't get to see her so often. But we make time for each other. On Thursday, we enjoyed a nice dinner, wine and martinis downtown.
Budo, Yasko & I
On Friday, Jeff, our friends Spomi and Alex and my cousin Budo went to see my kid cousin play with his band. Yasko is a talented guitarist, and he always blows me away with his skills.
Heavy metal blasted my face off
Although it has been a good month so far, everything is not in its place yet. My sisters' absence is still very much felt. I can't wait for their return. In the meanwhile, I obsessively post all their post cards onto my cube wall to remind me that while I miss them, they are having a wonderful time. They also surprised me with a gift (brought by my cousin yesterday). A very luxurious and interesting silver yarn. It is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to use it. Thank you my sweet sisters!
A gift from my sisters bought in Luxembourg
I'm hoping that tomorrow (Sunday), I get to shift into neutral gear and just relax and work on my garden. Maybe I'll even catch my sisters for a video chat (thank god for Skype!)

Monday, May 9, 2011

You are the wind beneath my feathered ears...

I've been seeing lots of these around the mall, and decided I could make them myself. So after a trip to Hobby Lobby and some trial and error - voila! I made myself a pair. I have more supplies so I'm thinking of making more. It's sort of a nostalgic throwback to... I don't know... hippies in the Southwest?
You'll need some countour feathers, wooden beads, fish hook wires and some tools.
Lightweight and subtle, yet dramatic
Native American inspired
I got this from my sisters in the mail... another piece that will be pinned to my boring cube wall.