Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome to Des Moines, auntie!

I've been logging a lot of hours at work. In my limited spare time, I've been hanging out with my aunt who is visiting from Europe. She is just a whole lot a fun. On Wednesday, we took her shopping.
Mom and aunt, just before our shopping spree.
By the time we were done, it was dark out.
We found a lot of great deals. My aunt was impressed by the wide selection and the grandeur of the mall. Welcome to America! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Movie night with the girls

Work was crazy again, but I made sure to leave early enough to go to my parents' house to see my aunt Senada. She has come all the way from my native country yesterday, and it was a delight to see her. She is really funny and super-affectionate. I can't wait to spend lots of time with her this summer. I have a feeling we are going to have a wonderful time together.
Des, Jackie, Spomi & Belma
After the visit, I met up with my girls Spomi, Desiree, Belma and Jackie for a drink on the patio and then we went to see "Bridesmaids" starring Kristen Wiig.
It's like a better version of "Hangover"
I was laughing and snorting obnoxiously the whole time in the movie theater. Finally a girl movie with my kind of crude humor. Loved it and would highly recommend it!
And now a shower, a bit of knitting and late night TV, and then bed. Wish life was always this fun and easy.