Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby sign languge class, visiting cousins

Wednesday was a busy day. In the morning, hubby joined me at the child development center to attend the baby sign language class with Jack. We sing songs, play with toys, and sign with our hands. Jack just looks around and smiles at all the commotion.
Chewing toys
He sits unsupported already. Of course, we still keep an eye on him so he doesn't hurt his noggin.
Mommy's big sitting boy
He is grasping for toys and chewing them all. He is also making attempts at crawling. Mostly he just looks like Superman on the floor, kicking and flailing his little baby arms and legs.
Picking up a toy
After work, my mom, Jack and I drove to my parents house to welcome my two cousins who were visiting for one night.
Cousin Rudy from Canada and Jack
My cousin has a 5-month old baby boy, too, so he knew how to get Jack to laugh. He also got to play with grandpa.
Playing with grandpa
Jackers was really tired by the time we went home. He fell asleep in the car after fussing about for a while (his new thing is hating to sit in the car seat). My tired little boy. What a fun day.