Saturday, October 20, 2012

A boy and his puppy

So last night our "puppy" decided to snuggle up to our baby boy and sit in his lap. Jackers was delighted. He smiles every time Wally makes an appearance, and bursts out in happy baby laughs whenever Wally does something funny... which seems to be everything Wally does. They definitely have started a bond.
Jack "holding" Wally
My happy little boy
My heart bursts at the seams from all the love I feel for this little guy
I am so grateful for these moments. Jack is growing so fast and I want to preserve every giggle, smile, and baby noise he makes. Speaking of which... here is a video capturing his fit of screams and "mama". I adore this baby.

Monday, October 15, 2012


When I was a little girl, I spent many misty, breezy, early spring mornings in the garden with my beloved grandmother. We would fetch some water from the nearby brook and water the pepper plant seedlings, the earth that we poured onto turning a deeper shade of brown. After harvesting the fruit of our labor later that summer, my grandma would prepare a simple but flavorful dish of peppers. The kitchen would fill with aromatic smells and I would devour the rich flavor of these peppers.
My grandmother has passed away not long ago, the brook has dried out over the years, and the plot of land that bore these peppers has been overtaken by wildflowers by now. But the scent of this vegetable still takes me back to that place and time when life was simple and wonderful. All I have left is a memory of unconditional love, a warm, cozy home, and an idyllic childhood.
My father has inherited my grandparents' green thumb. He has a lovely garden in his back yard and often he and my mom pack some vegetables from the garden into brown paper bags to take home on my visits. This time, it was the peppers. Tonight I decided to prepare the dish that my grandmother made and my mom still makes, with minor modifications.
The peppers are cut, generously salted and sauteed in oil until they are very tender. At that point, heavy whipping cream is added (but in my case, I used a slightly healthier plain Greek yogurt) and left to soak up all the peppery juices. It is so simple, cheap, but means so much to me.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another knitted hat

I just finished knitting another hat for Jackers. He got a beautiful grey wool coat with black clasps from his grandparents and he needed a hat to go with it. After having to re-knit the hat to make it bigger, it is finally done. I like how it turned out. Of course we had to have a photo-shoot this morning.
Warm cashmere blend yarn hat with earflaps
Hello world!
Yummy shoe... and Wallace photobombing
Mama's handsome little boy
Okay - enough pictures, mama