Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to the mall

On Tuesday my sisters and I went to the mall, baby in tow. We stopped by a quaint little boutique where my generous sisters bought some cute, cute stuff for the baby boy.
Kicky Pants onesie & romper, Mudpie swimming trunks
His aunties love him!
Baby booh was in a good mood and let us have fun with him.

And while he doesn't mind having his clothes changed and having his mama take a billion pictures of him, he is most happy dressed down to his diapers and in the arms of his mommy and daddy.

Mama is crazy
Unwinding with daddy


Rhonda said...

You look great Ena! And it sounds like baby Jack is the perfect baby. Especially for letting you play dress up with him. lol. Don't worry about taking too many pictures, they grow up too fast (my daughter just turned 19 yesterday and it's hard to believe she's that old already.) We'll have to have lunch when you return to work.

beartifix said...

Thank you, Rhonda! And yes, we must do lunch! I would love to hear how the new job is going.