Friday, May 18, 2012

Dinner with a famous hobo

If you are local, you've probably caught him on the news. Or saw him on the local morning show (appears at 2:23). He is a hobo visiting 50 states in 50 weeks starting with only $50 in his pocket. You can track him on his website, During his visit to Iowa, he stayed with my friends S, A, and D. We had dinner together and listened to stories of his adventures.
Jack meets Emmett, the hobo
D holding my funny boy
After a while, he got fussy, but auntie S calmed him
A does not hold babies. He wants to put them in the dryer.
Yummy dinner.
HD camera a hobo uses for his documentary
Hobos are high tech these days
It was cool to meet Emmett. He is a nice dude with an interesting life. It'll be fun to see where all this leads him to.

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