Sunday, May 9, 2010

This past week

Monday - Homework galore.
Tuesday - Spent time with my family. It's a typical Tuesday night - family dinner, watching TV and doing crafty stuff.
I had a blast knitting on my dad's fisherman rocking chair. I am very fidgety by nature.Wednesday - Met with my team to work on our class project. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, we naturally met at a Mexican restaurant, where we had good food and margaritas while going over our work.
Emily, Lisa, and Ann are super-gals.
Thursday - Came home and started reading a book for class. Fell asleep.
Friday - Had class, came home and crashed.
Saturday - Had class, came home and crashed.
Between the new job, class work, family and house work, I've been exhausted. I am really hoping that things turn around here soon. I don't like feeling pooped all the time.

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