Sunday, April 18, 2010

Laundry, closets and Italiano

I spent most of the day doing laundry and then organizing our closets. There were plenty of clothes that ended up in a container in the basement (hello, Goodwill!) and then there were some new discoveries, as well ("when did I buy this?"). There is nothing like clean, organized, and uncluttered closets. I also organized hubby's side (bleh). You can't see it on this pic, but I divided his "everyday clothes" from the "lawyer clothes" and found out that he has over 15 pairs of slacks and an assortment of ties that would impress any well-dressed businessman. My hubby either dresses really well, or he dresses like a lumberjack (check out those plaid shirts).
I also had a nightmare last night that the date of my Italy trip crept up before I was ready. I spent the entire night frantically packing and looking for stuff I'd need (in my dream, of course). So to put my mind at ease, I studied some Italian and went over my itinerary the next morning. Ho intenzione di essere preparati!
I am still watching my calories and exercising. Yesterday I went to the gym and did some jogging for half an hour. It completely wiped me out. I've had a sour stomach all day, so I didn't do any more, but I am still very happy with the work I put in this weekend. I weighed myself in just to make sure my Monday weight < or = Friday weight, and lo and behold, I lost 2 whole pounds! I will do an official weigh-in next Friday.


MsAmanda said...

We have some italian language CDs if you want to borrow them. They helped us with those everyday phrases, counting, etc.

hubby said...

i dress not like a lumberjack but an alaskan fisherman.