Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shopping for pants

Sister Z, my cousin B, my bff S and I went to the mega-mall on Saturday to shop for some pants. We stopped in the accessories department and had some fun with their stuff.
Z and B, looking classy.
Cousin B, looking cool.
S's hat and scarves shop. Come in for a great deal. (The patches on her shirt so strategically placed are actually ears of a panda. I swear.)
Z emulating our least favorite type of person: The retail store customer. (We all work/worked in retail for a long time.)
The entire crew, all decked out. Love the stuff on my cousin.
S really loved that purple hat. I actually scored those sunglasses. My sweet sister Z bought them for me.

I also found the perfect pants at the Gap. Only they are a bit baggier than the jeans portrayed below. But it's the same style.


CrouchingTigerHiddenSpomi said...

You know that's not a Panda. It was just good marketing. ;]

beartifix said...

Oh you are so naughty! ;)