Sunday, July 26, 2009

The loot from the trip

I didn't spend too much money on the shopping trip. But I am excited about the things I did get:
1) Fun, bright pillow covers from Ikea
2) Cheap frames and wall art from Ikea. Now I just got to figure out where to hang them.
3) A super-cute, super-bright compost bin for my kitchen (the trash bag peeking out is biodegradable - made from corn).
4) A recycling bin that has an opening flap. It is replacing my ugly open green bin. 5) Cute, folksy bedding for our bedroom.
6) A $3 scarf from American Eagle (thank you, mom!)7) Presents for my hubby - a fish theme. Swedish fish from Ikea that he likes, and lures from Cabellas. Awesome loot. Arrrrg!

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