Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow puppy

We are snowed in! Our street has not been plowed, and the snow is up to my knees. So we spent the entire day at home, just like our puppy does all of the time.
My trusty old friend got to experience snow for himself.
He got rambunctious out there. The snow was tall even for a big doggy.
When we first let him out, it took him some time to marvel at the sight.
We love our sweet crazy old boy.
His most favorite thing in the world are hubby's dirty socks.
He figured out a way to open the hamper with his nose so he could get to the smelly goodness.
On this occasion, he managed to get out quite a few socks.
Here he is, in his puppy bliss. With all those dirty socks.
Other than socks, he loves to just lounge around. But most of all, he likes to be where we are.
What a silly pooch. This golden definitely makes our lives brighter.


MsAmanda said...

So sweet, what a big baby!

Anonymous said...

This blog post made me so happy just now. He is so adorable! I especially love the one where he's covered in socks.