Monday, March 21, 2011

Scissors, hammer, and knitting needles

I cut my bangs. I was getting annoyed with the way my front hair didn't know where to go. Parting it just looks awful, and my face is wide enough that I couldn't have a side sweep without covering my eyes. So I grabbed some scissors, and did it myself. I have to say, I'm rather pleased with the result.
New hairdo
In other news, I scored another print at Target. This one is of a moped (something I'd like to own one day).
Added to the random wall
I'm working on a lot of knitting projects. I won't reveal what they are, but thought I'd give you some clues.
Soft ruffles
I got a feeling/somebody's watching me
Waterlily blocks
Projects will be revealed soon. Hope I piqued your interest a little. That should motivate me to finish them.


Azra said...

Ena, I absolutely adore your new bangs! My attempts to trim mine always make me laugh and mom frown. Fate has decreed that I shall never be a hair dresser (or at least not a talented one). Also, I'm very interested in your knitting in particular. :) I miss you tons!

Amra said...

Love the bangs! I am glad I finally converted and had mine cut; turns out you were right about bangs all along. Also, I'm loving the soft ruffles..**Squeals with excitement**. Loooove you!

Azra said...

We promise to post something today if you promise to as well. I miss you sooooooooooooo much!