Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I love Tuesday nights

I spend every Tuesday evening with my parents and my sisters. We typically have a delicious dinner, we laugh and talk, work on crafts, and watch "The Biggest Loser". I love my family.

My mom made a baby blanket and a little hat for my cousin Keno's daughter that is due in a month. It's just beautiful.
The cotton beige yarn is speckled with pink and green colors, and she crocheted the border in pink. She'll use the same pink for the hat and the booties.
Both items are very soft and perfect. We are all so excited about the new addition to our extended family.
The weather was absolutely perfect - warm with a nice cool breeze. I wish it was always like this. We made sure to take advantage of this beautiful day and spent it sitting outside. My sister Ami was doing homework. I think she needs glasses. Azra joined us later, as well.
My crazy hair and I were working on my Cate sweater, while my mom was finishing the hat. My dad was working on the garden.
Looking at this picture, I realized I really need to get back into shape and maybe hit a tanning booth.

And now, translation for my Bosnian relatives, who are faithfully following my blog...

(Prevod: Svaki utorak provedem kod mame i tate poslije posla. Jedemo večeru, pa onda sjedimo i pletemo i pričamo i šalimo se. Uvijek nam je fino skupa.

Mama je isplela dekicu i kapicu za Keninu kćerkicu koja se treba roditi za jednu mjesec dana. Jako su lijepo ispale. Mama će jos isplesti male čarapice da se slažu sa kapicom. Mi se jako radujemo ovoj bebi. Jedva čekamo da se rodi.

Vrijeme je danas bilo lijepo pa smo sjedili vani i pleli dok je tata radio u bašti. Amra je radila zadaću, a Azra nam se isto pridružila kasnije. Baš smo imali lijep dan.)

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Spomi said...

LOL I second the glasses for Amra, motion. :]