Sunday, July 22, 2012

The art of packing lunch

I continue to see blogs talking about Bento lunch packing for little ones. While it's a departure from the traditional Japanese Bento, it is still a fun concept - packing lunches in a creative and compact way. As someone who needs a creative outlet, I find this idea appealing. I hate packing my lunches so this is the motivation I needed to stick to my diet and save money in the process. While there is nothing really creative about my lunch and snacks, having the right containers, baggies, dividers, and lunch bags forces me to put more thought into the art of packing my lunch.
Cottage cheese, fruit, nuts, black bean soup, corn tortilla turkey breast wraps
I ordered a nifty Bento container from Amazon, but in the meanwhile I found some awesome containers at Target. They are the right sizes and snap into one another for a very compact lunch bag. I also found some fun-colored sandwich Ziploc bags (not pictured) that will come in handy.
Lunch & snacks - and they all fit into a small lunch bag
In addition, I scored a $3 lunch bag for Jack on clearance. It is only big enough to hold Jack's three daily bottles for daycare. So cute!

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