Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More about lunch/Cousins visit

I received my Bento tiffin today, as well as some silicone cups for dividing my food. I really like it.
And here is my lunch for tomorrow. No longer boring-looking, plain old midday meal. There is a salmon-bean-arugula toss, and for snacks, I have yogurt, blueberries, grapefruit and a hard-boiled egg. It all fits and looks fun.
And for dinner, I've got some simple garlic spinach with chicken and sweet potato. Yum!
I think I'm getting hang of clean eating. The challenge will be to maintain it. Making lunch-packing a creative outlet sure helps.
Tonight we also had some great company. Hubby's cousins came over for a little while to meet Jack. It was so nice to see them all.
It's nice to see them all together. We were missing a couple more, but it was still nice and rowdy.

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