Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 Spring Cleaning Sessions, Part I

As you may already know, I lead an extremely exciting life, as evident in this blog.
After a productive day at work, I came home and then...

1.  Played as many games of McSolitaire as it took to solve one.
2.  Then decided to tackle some house cleaning - today's focus: dining room (an often overlooked area in the house). This entailed the following (please note - the only person who'll enjoy this part is maybe my mom):

  • Taking items that do not belong on the dining room table and put them into their proper place (ahem... tools used to hang up the mirror weeks ago).
  • Vacuuming the rug and the floors.
  • Mopping the hardwood with some Bona (biodegradable hardwood floor cleaner) and my Shark steam cleaner.
  • Wiping clean all the light switches and outlets (4 of them? In a dining room? Why?)
  • Placing my wilting plant in a more sunlit location in the corner across from the screen door. I also got to salvage that old wooden stand that was on its way to Goodwill.
  • Removing layers of dog slobber off the screen door.
  • Wiping the dining room table and chairs with some lemony wood polish.
Nobody is allowed into this room - especially you, dog
3.  Then in my domestic frenzy, I also managed to wash and put away a couple of loads of laundry.
4.  Ironed hubba's dressy shirt for tomorrow (being a lawyer's wife requires a lot of ironing).
5.  Blogged about my accomplished evening. You are welcome.

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AzraAmraMom said...

Hahahaha. This got us laughing. Mom especially liked the reference to her. Your work paid off; your dinning room looks as if it came straight out of a magazine.