Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My ultimate comfort food is this Balkan bean soup, known as "grah". Ever since childhood I loved this thick, filling, hot, flavorful soup accompanied by home-made bread. There are many versions of it online, but the recipe closest to how my mom makes it is here. I don't add smoked meat, though.
My comfort food
I also got a surprise from my hubba today. He has gotten me a book on mastering color knitting. I've been doing a lot of that lately, and there are some unique techniques I would like to master. Well, my dear husband found my Amazon wish list and decided to surprise me. What a sweetie!
Drab winter makes me partial to bright colors
So I've been spending my evening eating grah, reading the book and knitting. Ultimate comfort on a foggy, icky day.


AzraAmraMama said...

Yum! That grah looks delicious. Mom is proud of you for making it. Is that bread homemade, too? Will you lend me that book when I return? I never quite understood how to knit things with different colored patterns.

Azra Amra Mama

beartifix said...

Yes - I made the bread, too. And of course you can borrow the book. It's pretty well illustrated and helpful.