Thursday, July 1, 2010

Five-hour dinner

One thing Europeans do well are multiple-course dinners that last forever. We started at 7:30pm, and ended at 11pm.
We had a magnificent view. We also had wine from the grapes you see on the picture.
The food was fresh. Tomatoes here taste like nothing else. Oh, and there is tiramisu. I don't even like this dessert, but this... this was unbelievably good. Also, tiramisu originates in the Veneto region, so they know how to do it right. Coffee is another thing that is crazy-good.
I just have to say I am lucky the hills in Asolo are super-steep. Otherwise, I don't know how I would burn all these calories.


Zlatko said...

Draga Ena,
Molim te da nadjes nacina da i tebe vidimo na fotkama. Zamoli nekog oko tebe, ili zamijeni kameru s nekim, pa ti snimaj tu osobu a ona tebe. Lijepo je vidjeti hranu i pejsaze, ali mi vise volimo tebe. Zapravo tebe u tom divnom okruzenju.Uci i uzivaj!(Ugodno s korisnim)
Voli te,

Azra Beganovic said...

Ja se slazem s tatom.