Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Italy 2010 - Day 1

The view from my plane - the magnificent Alps.
The plane ride was long and rough. Luckily, I ended up meeting all my fellow classmates, which made finding the location that much easier.
Once we landed in Venice, we took the bus, then train, then taxi to the campus.
But it was all worth it once we got there. Asolo is picturesque in an indescribable way. Here are just a few initial shots from inside the campus (and surrounding area).
And of course, what would a trip to Italy be without the gastronomical pleasures?

Pizziola bruschetta and red wine gelatto. Yum!
More to come. Now I must rest before our orientation and dinner this evening.


Azra Beganovic said...

This is fabulous! These pictures resemble those from the brochure. The only thing missing in them is you. Enjoy yourself to the fullest!

Jennifer said...

OMG! I'm already pining for more pics. I hope you have a wonderful time, Ena!

Lee Pietzsch said...

So glad to hear you've gotten a great start to a wonderful experience. We miss you and look forward to more pics, updates, and stories!