Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh boy! So much going on!

Saturday was a fun- and stuff-filled day. After the farmers' market, hubby and I took our pup to the vet for his ear infection checkup. He just gets so excited and hyper. Can't you tell by my husband's face?
Next, sisters and I spent the day at the mall buying clothes and getting my haircut. Below is my new haircut. Low-maintenance... I like it.Once at home, I got to show my hubby my new haircut and my loot. He high-fived me. That's his way of complimenting me.
Oh, and today I got my newest Tosca Reno cookbook in the mail. Can't wait to try the recipes!
And, and... I got the newest issue of the Bust magazine in the mail, and on the cover were my girl-crush Ellen Page and this cute lil actress known as Alia Shawkat. I love them! I just had to show.
And now on to my loot. This one was on sale for around $4 at Gap.
And this one is from Aerie. Love the color.
New shoes! Brown, suede, kitten-heel, with a ruffle in the front. It will really go with all the brown stuff I bought.
And as you will see, there is a lot of it. I know some of you may cringe for the lack of color in my new wardrobe (B!), but I promise next time I'll throw in some non-neutral hues.
Here is a recycled material soft brown shirt with buttons on the shoulder detail from Gap.
And a long cardigan that I'll be able to throw over my summer stuff during this transitional season.
And a lovely tweed jacket... brown, of course.
Another brown shirt! Who would have thunk it? By the way, I am now downgraded to a size 10 in pants and jackets, and a Medium in shirts! I can't believe it!
My new, size 10 real straight cut jeans from Gap. They are actually a tiny, tiny bit loose. Size 8, here I come!
Working out and eating right has really made so many positive changes in my appearance and confidence. I am more motivated than ever. As for my wallet... that's another story. :)

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