Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home deco inspirations

Those who know me well, know that I always leaned towards a minimalist style in neutral tones when it comes to home decorating. Clean lines, earthy tones, lots of light, and nearly nothing to clutter and distract. One good example of that style is embodied by hotel Vetro in Iowa City where hubby and I stayed on one occasion:
But lately, I've been really into eclectic, colorful styles. Browsing through blogs, I saw this and had to share:
Love the vintage fabric pillows, colorful prints, and even wallpaper.
My current guest room is a disorganized storage facility. I want to turn it into this:
Yes! - books, pillows, window, bed - my idea of cozy. I also like how folksy and nostalgic it looks.

Stylistically, I am still torn between these two extremes. Maybe my rooms can alternate to reflect my complex and contradicting preferences?

Pictures from here.


MsAmanda said...

that is the room at Hotel Vetro we stayed in the night we go married!

If you decorate with what you love, it will reflect who you are. That's my take.

beartifix said...

Haha - I loved that hotel. We had a corner suite. It was incredible.