Monday, August 31, 2009

Free as a bird

I forgot to mention that I acquired some new cool stuff.

I've been wanting some Nike+ running shoes for quite a while. This is the kind that work with your iPod. They tell you how long you've been running, what distance, and at what pace. It allows you to upload you running info on their website, where you can also get coaching. It's simply awesome! You can see my little Nike Mini Me prancing around on the right of the blog. It keeps track of my running activity. The energy of the Mini Me is directly related to how active I've been.
I LOVE them! What a great impulse buy. I've already told you about my personal record - a 9:43 minute mile. I am already itching to beat that. These shoes are a great motivation.

I also bought some pretty necklaces and earrings. One of the necklaces feature a set of wings, another a bird and a feather, and the third is an owl. The earings are of birds (from Aerie, see below) and owls. Notice a trend?
I am just loving jewelry that features organic elements (leaves, birds, trees). I am on a hunt for more stuff like that. Let me know if you see something that might interest me. :)

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