Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tiny dancer, the graduate, and more books

This Saturday seems like the longest day ever. In a good way, though. Below is my hubby's niece performing at her first recital. Their number was called "A is for Adorable". And adorable it was. I think it even softened my otherwise apathetic hubby's heart. He usually abhors things that are "cute" and "sweet."And here is our beloved tiny dancer.
Afterwards, we attended my friend Y's graduation party. She has got her MBA! Sweet, funny, and awesome Russian girl. I totally love her! Below is a very unflattering picture of me (but Y looks good).
I also managed to visit Borders twice throughout the day. Once with my hubby, the second time with my sister. Got 40% both my purchases. (First time around I had a coupon, second time the guy ringing out my purchase just happened to be a nice guy).

I've been waiting for this book for months. Knitted amigurumi. So I don't have to learn to crochet. The patterns look amazing.
The second book was influenced by my sister (Twin #1). She has had amazing culinary skills even as a young child. She got this same copy, as well. We'll be trying out some of the recipes here soon.
What I like about the book is that the meals are not complicated, the ingredients are accessible, and it shows you serving and nutrition data for each recipe. Oh, and it doesn't involve tofu very much (I am one tofu-hating vegetarian).


SpoMonkey said...

Can you refer to the twins as Z and M? I have no idea who #1 and #2 are. I mean, obviously they are Z and M, but which is which?

beartifix said...

Alright... Z and M it is. :)