Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday evening, Saturday morning

After wrapping up at work on Friday, I met my hubby at a little Mexican restaurant for some Margaritas and Mexican food. I think he liked his burrito. I didn't like my ranchero shrimp (and look at the frikkin' portions! Huge!)One thing about Mexican food is that it makes you so sleepy. Hubby and I went home and just lounged around all evening. I did feel guilty for that so I went for a jog around the lake around 8pm. It was lovely, even with all the bugs that found their way into my mouth.

Saturday morning I patiently waited for my husband to wake up so we could go to the farmer's market. I LOVE it! I must go there every Saturday morning. Here is the shot from the top of the parking ramp.
I scored some plants for my "garden". An Italian heirloom tomato, a purple Cherokee tomato, banana pepper, a jalapeƱo pepper, an oriental and a "regular" eggplant, and some basil.
Here is me and my helper puppy planting the tomato plant.
And I just got to brag about my Bosnian lettuce. It's gorgeous and delicious!
And a final shot of my garden in progress.


Jennifer said...

Your garden looks great! Mine is a weed pit. I went to the farmers market, too, but only came back with pastries. :)

beartifix said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I usually have a black thumb when it comes to plants, so we will see how it goes.