Friday, May 22, 2009

Unmentionables and fake-bake

The weather has been incredible lately. I am just loving this part of the year. So yesterday I came home to find my two most favorite, tuckered, dirty boys. (Hubby was doing yard work in his hobo clothes; Wally is just dirty by nature.)
B, my tall, pretty coworker and I went to Victoria Secret during lunch. They had the 10 panties for $25 deal that I just couldn't pass up. Below is my selection (nothing is sacred enough for the internet - I am such an exhibitionist.)
B and I also made a quick stop at Clarins for some sunless tanning products. I must say, Clarins has the best fake-bake stuff. I would know - I am as pale as the cast of the Twilight movie. Most stuff looks orange on me. But not this.
And in case you wondered, here is me with my new red hair and my "tan". It's actually drastic change from where I started. I am still trying to get used to my "darker" self.

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