Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's baaack...

My longest-time best friend moved back to town, and I love having her back. She spent the night over, so it was almost like our slumber parties of yore (good old high school days).

We took puppy out for a walk, and it was a gorgeous day, so we had to record it for eternity.That's my friend, anxious to be holding the leash of my raging killer-dog (he is ready to attack).

We loved the geese, but not so much the cookie-cutter homes in the background.S's shot of the "creek" or "stream" or whatever.The trail leading to the lake. S's unfocused, "artsy" shot. This is also where puppy pooped.


SpoMonkey said...

Aw, my very own post. I feel so loved.
I'm happy to be back again even if your puppy gives me allergies.

beartifix said...

Sorry about the dog allergies. But you probably deserve them. ;P