Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I ate 05-18-09

Inspired by MsAmanda's "What I wore" segment, I decided to start a "What I ate" series. Things I wear should not be celebrated or noticed in any way - but boy, do I know how to eat...

So yesterday I pretty much kept up with my Monday meal plan, with some modifications (in green text).

Breakfast - Kashi honey sunshine cereal, fat-free milk, walnuts, hard-boiled egg, tea with honey
Snack - Cherries, Mini Babybel light cheese (32 oz. water during workout)
Lunch - Grilled veggie patty on Arnold's Sandwich Thins with 2% cheese and tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce, jalapeno, ketchup; 1 cup sugar-free apple sauce (16 oz. water)
Snack - Fiber One bar, 100-calorie popcorn
Dinner - 5 oz salmon, ¼ cup couscous, asparagus; 3 oz lettuce, tomato, onion, hearts of palm, and 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar (16 oz. water)Treat - Smoki snacks that Spomi brought over

Overall, it totaled to about 1700 calories. Not bad, but I can do better.


MsAmanda said...

I'd be afraid to do this because I'd have to acknowledge the little afternoon treats like rolos and Reese's pieces. I'd prefer to leave those in the dark. But good for you--what a healthy day of eating!

beartifix said...

Oh, I know - it's a challenge. But the only way I can keep it in control is if I share it with everyone. It keeps me accountable.